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Collection and Use of Personal Information

Blackbaud NetCommunity and Blackbaud Payment Services (BBPS), acting as agents for The Vivian Beaumont Theater, Inc., d/b/a Lincoln Center Theater, collect personal information from you when you use the donation forms on to make a donation, register for an event, or update your profile. This information may include your name, user name, e-mail address, post office address, telephone number, event preferences and other personal data you enter when visiting this web site. BBPS and LCT only collect this information when you enter it voluntarily. LCT may also collect certain information regarding your use of this web site for purposes of marketing, statistical analysis and determining your interests to better serve you.

LCT stores your personal information so we can provide you with better and more convenient service. We use your mailing and email address for the purpose of donor engagement or acknowledgement, and to authorize any credit card purchase. We also may use your e-mail or mailing address to notify you of special events that you might be interested in. We may also use your email address or home telephone number to contact you with customer service information. We otherwise reserve the right to use your personal information in other ways that are legally permissible.

Credit Card Information

NetCommunity secures your private information using Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") certificates. SSL certificates encrypt all data transmission between your computer and our website. SSL certificates are deployed and trusted by a majority of e-commerce website operators worldwide.

Lincoln Center Theater and Blackbaud Payment Services are also compliant with the rigorous standards established by the Payment Card Industry ("PCI"), a cooperative group comprised of all major credit card issuers.

Your credit card information is encrypted as soon as the transaction is entered and card information is stored in a secure database for a limited time period. This is in compliance with the standards of credit card issuers, as it helps them resolve disputes and protect against fradulent use of your card. After you enter your credit card information into the online form, only the last four digits are potentially visible to anyone.

Protection of Children

Personal information collected about children under age 13 is protected by the Children's Online Privacy Protection act of 1998, and the accompanying proposed federal regulations (accessible at If you are younger than 13 years old, please tell your parents you are using this web site. In addition, you or your parents should e-mail us at so we will not share your personal information with any other parties. Your parents may also request to view any information we have collected about you.




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